Alliance for Science Fellows scaling the heights

Zola Madaga

May 12, 2024

The Alliance for Science is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary, allowing us to reflect on its esteemed  Global Leadership Fellowship Program (GLFP).

This program has successfully brought together a diverse group of fellows worldwide, including researchers, scientists, community leaders, religious leaders, lawyers, journalists, farmers, and health specialists.

These passionate individuals have remarkable accomplishments in their respective fields by advocating science-based technologies in agriculture on both national and international platforms and working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1,2, 3, and 4.

Alliance for Science fellows article

Today, we celebrate the recent appointments of two individuals from Uganda and Bangladesh to influential positions in their countries. These appointments will amplify their contributions to the agriculture sector.

Alliance for Science fellows article
Dr Clet Wandui, Uganda’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Research, Innovation, and Development.

Dr Clet Wandui Masiga from Uganda has been appointed the Rt. Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Research, Innovation, and Development. Dr Masiga’s work as the Executive Director at the Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI) has been widely recognized for its focus on research, education, and development, particularly in advancing the science, technology, and management practices that promote sustainable development.

He believes entrepreneurship, productivity, manufacturing, and processing are essential for sustainable development. In line with this belief, Dr Masiga has championed the Growing Uganda’s White Gold project, which aims to tap into the multi-billion-dollar global silk market.

His passion for promoting community development through research and innovation underscores his timely appointment. This appointment marks a crucial step towards advancing the region at Inzu Ya Masaaba (the Cultural Institution/Kingdom of the Bagisu People in Uganda and Bukusu in Kenya) through strategic coordination of research initiatives.

Provide pro-poor innovations

“As the Deputy Prime Minister for North Bugisu, this opportunity gives me access to government and non-governmental establishments with a stake in the region. I hope to use this opportunity to support agricultural innovation in the region by advocating integrating science and technology into developmental strategies,” he said.

He added: “I aim to establish connections with institutions that have developed innovative ideas and resources and introduce them to the region to promote agricultural innovation, support rural capacity building, and provide pro-poor innovations for rural social development while developing policies and bylaws to guide the implementation of research and innovation for the region.”

Dr Masiga believes that his training in grassroots mobilization from the GLFP will help him mobilize support to leverage science, technology, and innovation to make farming competitive, increase food production, ensure sustainable utilization of natural resources, conserve biodiversity, and mitigate climate change.

Enthusiastic agriculture officer

Bangladesh has made significant progress in agricultural biotechnology and has become a symbol of innovation. Since 1990, the country has equipped itself with state-of-the-art technology, starting with plant tissue culture and becoming a biotechnology pioneer with the approval of Bt Brinjal in 2013.

Alliance for Science fellows article
Talha Zubair Masror is an enthusiastic Agriculture Officer from Bangladesh.

The country has had a remarkable journey in biotechnology, moving from relief to resilience. Talha Zubair Masror, an enthusiastic Agriculture Officer, has played a pivotal role in this progress.

He captures the success stories of agricultural ventures through video documentaries and uses information technology as an emerging communication medium. As the spokesperson at Krishi Bioscope, which has over 650,000 subscribers and reaches 200 million viewers, he adds an innovative dimension to the prevailing trend of agricultural expansion programs.

His platform, which allows young people to learn modern agricultural practices and techniques on  YouTube and Facebook, transforms traditional agriculture into commercial agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture has recognized his contribution to agricultural development in Bangladesh and awarded him the prestigious National Award (Gold Medal) in 2021.

The Government of Bangladesh has launched an ambitious project worth 40 million dollars to enhance agriculture by adopting biotechnology and tissue culture. The project, named “Tissue Culture Laboratory cum Horticulture Center Establishment and Development,” aims to revolutionize agriculture in the country.

Masror has been entrusted with managing this project, the primary objective of establishing horticultural centers and tissue culture laboratories to promote the commercial cultivation and production of garden crops. This will increase farmers’ income and employment opportunities, improve nutrition, and improve social infrastructure.

At the Alliance for Science, we congratulate Dr Clet Wandui Masiga and Talha Zubair Masror on their recent appointments, which are testaments to their professional accomplishments.

The success of these Alliance for Science Fellows demonstrates the power of science communication to bring about positive change and inspire progress in various fields. Their expertise and experience have allowed them to share valuable insights and success stories, highlighting the importance of effective science outreach and engagement.

As we celebrate their achievements, we also recognize the vital role of the Alliance for Science Fellowship Program in nurturing talent, promoting innovation, and encouraging the use of science as a catalyst for sustainable development.

Masiga’s and Masror’s dedication and leadership embody the spirit of scientific excellence and serve as symbols of hope for a brighter, more knowledge-driven future.


Zola Madaga is the Alliance for Science Global Fellows Coordinator and Youth Congress Lead.