The Alliance for Science empowers science supporters around the world with the tools and skills needed to communicate effectively about scientific topics and promote evidence-based policies and decision-making.

We challenge and correct anti-science conspiracy theories and provide credible, factual, science-based materials primarily on these topics: agricultural biotechnology, climate change, vaccines, synthetic biology, and food innovations.

Gene Editing FAQ

Find science-based answers to the most commonly asked questions about gene editing in this downloadable PDF. We also have a version in Spanish.

Media Library

During our work in the field we have curated beautiful, impactful images and videos that tell the stories of our work to end world hunger through the use of science and evidence-based policies for food and agriculture. Take a look and download images today for your program usage. If you’re interested in raw video footage or other photographs, please contact

GMO Myths Corrected

Agricultural biotechnology has been subjected to a massive disinformation campaign that has given rise to numerous myths. We correct the 10 most common myths (a downloadable PDF version is also available) and offer a version in Spanish. We also debunk the 10 most common myths in Africa (downloadable PDF) and share 10 things everyone should know about GMOs in Africa (PDF).

The Conspiracy Theory Handbook

Communications specialists Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook — both of whom have spent years studying conspiracist thinking particularly in regard to climate change denialism — have put together the very useful Conspiracy Theory Handbook. This document, available in four languages, delves into the hallmarks of conspiracy theories and the scientific research into why people might be susceptible to them.

Database of Emerging Agricultural Learning (DEAL)

This database is your one-stop shop to discover the exciting research that is taking place at universities, public research centers, and small businesses.

All of the data here is publicly sourced and available for reuse. You can download the entire dataset directly from this website, but please acknowledge Cornell Alliance for Science. Head over to the platform and add your research.

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