Who We Are


We conduct policy advocacy, communications campaigns, and research amplification, to promote an enabling environment for science-based solutions to challenges of food and nutrition security, climate change, global health, and misinformation.


To meet these goals, the Alliance focuses its efforts around:

Establishing a global network. We are building and engaging an international alliance science advocates who believe in the common mission of solving complex global hunger issues by leveraging advances in agriculture, including the creative tools and insights that biotechnology can offer.

Training with a purpose. We empower science champions around the world with the tools and skills needed to communicate effectively about science and promote evidence-based policies.

Multimedia communications. We are continually updating our comprehensive collection of photographs, videos, blog posts, podcasts, fact sheets, and other multimedia resources that provide accurate information about agricultural biotechnology, climate change, vaccines, COVID-19, and other global science issues.


The Alliance is an initiative based at the Boyce Thompson Institute, an independent nonprofit research institute. BTI scientists conduct investigations into fundamental plant and life sciences research with the goals of increasing food security, improving environmental sustainability in agriculture, and making basic discoveries that will enhance human health. Throughout this work, BTI is committed to inspiring and educating students and providing advanced training for the next generation of scientists.


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