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The Alliance seeks a future where science and innovation is shared and supported to help bring about a world without poverty, where people everywhere can flourish on an ecologically protected and restored planet.


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Countering Misinformation

We correct misinformation and counter conspiracy theories that hinder progress in health, climate change, synthetic biology, agricultural innovations, and other key issues.

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News & Views

Fact check: Kenyan politician makes false claims about genetically modified foods — again
East Africa: Smallholder farmers adopt bio-digesters to build climate resilience and get clean energy for cooking
Kenya: Alliance for Science launches digital platform for agro vets in Kisumu county
Alliance for Science and Kenyan editors commit to enhance science reporting, fight misinformation on biotechnology
Hunger, poverty and disease stalk India’s slum population as sustainable development goals ignored
Africa needs larval source management as complementary tool for eradicating malaria

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