Bangladesh agriculture takes center stage in new TV show

By AfS Staff

September 8, 2021

Though many people associate agriculture only with farms, the topic has taken center stage in a popular new TV talk show airing in Bangladesh.

Deepto Krishi Sanglap, which translates as “agriculture dialogue,” is a live television talk show presented by Farming Future Bangladesh to encourage inclusive dialogue among farmers, legislators, entrepreneurs and other experts. It’s currently ranked the third-most popular TV talk show in Bangladesh, reaching millions through Deepto TV and more than 220,000 on social media.

The program aims to give representatives from every major area of agriculture a forum to share their no-holds-barred opinions, advice and schemes. Agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy, feeding 160 million mouths with limited resources.

“As an emerging economy, Bangladesh needs to address red flags and opportunities in agricultural development, and act upon it,” said Arif Hossain, CEO of FFB. “For this, the masses must mingle in an inclusive dialogue with the experts. For true progress, everyone needs to know the behind-the-scenes mechanism of how the food is put on their plates from the field.”

Hossain, a seasoned communications professional, hosts the show, which has already been renewed for a second season. His camaraderie with the discussants brings out the lesser known but important aspects of agriculture.

In the more than 23 episodes that have already aired, Deepto Krishi Sanglap has engaged 46 experts and industry leaders, including Agriculture Minister Mohammad Abdur Razzaque, to share their opinions and critically discuss challenges and opportunities around agricultural research and innovation of Bangladesh. The dialogues are intended to foster evidence-based decisions among policy makers and influence farmers and consumers to accept modern agricultural innovations, including biotechnology.

On the set of Deepto Krishi Sanglap, participants find common ground in discussions about the role of technology in agriculture, while community members are dared to be innovative in the food production sector. Consumers, meanwhile, get to see the big picture of how the country’s agricultural systems work and now those on the frontlines are crafting its future.

Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) is a comprehensive communication and community engagement organization working to improve access to modern agricultural innovations, including biotechnology, to achieve sustainable food security in  Bangladesh.

Image: On the set of Deepto Krishi Sanglap. Photo: FFB