Stand up for sustainability

March 22, 2019

Though the US Food and Drug Administration has finally approved the production and sale of AquaBounty’s fast-growing Atlantic salmon in the United States, it’s going to be a while before it’s available in supermarkets and restaurants.

In the meantime, AquaBounty needs to raise some salmon and biotech advocates need to raise awareness and build demand. That’s where you come in. Anti-GMO groups are already pushing campaigns urging consumers to ask retailers and restauranteurs to shun this sustainable salmon. Store managers also need also to hear from science- and health-minded consumers who do want to buy this fish.

Please consider asking your favorite markets to stock AquAdvantage salmon when it becomes available. You may also want to write a letter to your local newspaper, post on social media or chat with friends, family and colleagues — in short, spread the informed word about the benefits of this fish while allaying concerns.

If you need some background material, you can check out our video and blog post on the topic.

If you do decide to write, the BioFortified blog has a reference letter and addresses of retailers.