Workshop: Action for Science and Policy on Gene Editing in Europe

Workshop dates: April 11-14, 2022

Application deadline: Closed

The Alliance for Science (AfS), in partnership with the International Plant Biotechnology Outreach (IPBO), will conduct a short course on Action for Science and Policy on Gene Editing in Europe April 11-14, 2022 in Ghent, Belgium.

The workshop seeks to empower participants with knowledge about the science of gene editing and its regulation, as well as effective communications tools to impact the policy environment for gene editing in the EU.

Workshop objectives:

  • Participants understand the latest technical developments in gene editing as it pertains to agriculture, including latest developments in the European context
  • Participants understand key challenges and opportunities for a science-based policy approach to gene editing in Europe.
  • Participants become more proactive and effective communicators of the gains of gene editing


Participants will Identify opportunities for shared outreach, science communication and relationship building activities with stakeholders and work on plans to advocate for a science-based approach to gene editing in the EU.

Format of training:

The workshop will be held in-person over four consecutive days.

For more information regarding this workshop, please contact Pablo Orozco at