Our Team

Dr. Mary Mangan

Dr. Mary Mangan has been fascinated with biology since spending her summers on the New Hampshire coast, engrossed by the tide pools. This led to a B.Sc. degree in microbiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a master’s degree in plant cell biology from Mount Holyoke College and a PhD in cell, molecular, and developmental biology from the University of Rochester.

Moving to bioinformatics and genomics as those fields emerged, she finds databases are the new tide pools for her – and new waves keep washing interesting things in.

Dr. Mangan co-founded OpenHelix, a company that provides awareness and training on open source genomics software tools. She has published numerous articles and studies on biology, biotechnology, biometrics, and genomics. An overview of her publications can be found on her Google Scholar profile and the OpenHelix blog on bioinformatics and genomics can be found here.