Pacifique Nshimiyimana

Pacifique is a young agripreneur in Rwanda. He founded and currently runs Real Green Gold Ltd., a social enterprise that grows tropical fruits and vegetables and offers smallholder farmers’ extension services. Pacifique is an Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellow. He graduated from the University of Rwanda with a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology. He has worked with different organizations like Digital Opportunity Trust, where he was a startup facilitator and business coach, and Mastercard Foundation, where he served as a youth engagement consultant and researcher. He is a founding member of Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum and a member of the Young Professionals for Agriculture Development.

Topics of expertise: Youth entrepreneurship and agribusiness in Africa; innovation, science, and technology as a solution to climate change; farming; food nutrition; agriculture biotechnology for trade and social justice in Africa.

Regions of expertise: Africa, East Africa, Rwanda

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