Our 2019 Global Fellows

Rose Mukonyo

Rose Mukonyo is a professional journalist who has worked as a radio correspondent for Radio Maisha in Kenya for the past three years. She is passionate about agriculture and is a winner in the OFAB awards Kenyan Chapter 2018 Radio Category.

Rose has a Bachelor of Arts in English and literature from Mount Kenya University.

According to Rose, millions of Kenyans are facing starvation since crop production has generally gone down because of climate change. So if farmers can get seed varieties which are insect-, disease- and drought-resistant, the story will change. By being a part of this program, Rose hopes to get first-hand information on GMO crops and to be equipped with tools and skills on how to effectively communicate to policymakers and other stakeholders in order to help dispel the myths that revolve around the adoption of GMO crops, especially in Kenya where there is an existing ban.