Our 2015 Global Fellows

Patrick Muriuki

Mr. Patrick Gitari Muriuki is the founder and managing director of ICOSEED, a national farmer-based NGO in Kenya, founded in 2008. Prior to ICOSEED, Patrick served as a secondary school teacher; an agricultural extension officer and development coordinator in the Anglican Church; and executive director of Christian Resources Management (CHRESMA). He is a graduate in the field of Agriculture and Community Development and holds a diploma in Modern Management & Administration and Resource Mobilization. ICOSEED’s vision is to be the leading humanity development institution in Kenya and greater Africa; to instill hope and healing in the midst of human suffering; and to enhance potential for community sustainable socio-economic development. ICOSEED aims to empower poor, destitute, marginalized and less-privileged community members to discover and harness their potential towards self-sustainability in food, health, wealth, education and social wellbeing. As conventional agricultural methods fall short of helping Kenya address the challenge of feeding its rapidly growing population, Patrick and ICOSEED are working at all levels to have biotechnology adopted. After implementing a five-year World Bank-supported cotton production program that faced challenges due to serious pest management, ICOSEED realized the critical importance of genetically modified crops to reduce hunger and poverty in Kenya and beyond.