Our 2015 Global Fellows

Patricia Nanteza

Ms. Patricia Nanteza began work as a journalist during her second year at university, following a diploma in journalism from her first year. She dabbled in radio journalism before moving to print journalism, landing a job with Uganda’s leading independent newspaper, The Daily Monitor. Patricia wrote stories that ranged across agriculture, health, environment, and society. She became a copy editor on the features desk after graduating from university with a BA in social sciences. A year and a half later, she moved to Uganda’ s best selling newspaper, New Vision, as a senior copy editor. She felt the need for change after six years in the news business and plunged into the world of corporate communications, starting in the health field with the African Center for Global Health and Social Transformation. Patricia soon moved to Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Laboratories Institute (NARL) as the communication specialist. She supports efforts of NARL researchers developing improved varieties of crops, such as disease resistant or bio-fortified strains. Patricia draws on her journalistic skills to communicate practical matters, such as how to grow traditional varieties of bananas, as well as larger issues like why Uganda needs to pass the biotechnology and bio-safety bill, and how Uganda’s staple food can be improved using genetic engineering.