Our 2019 Global Fellows

Navneet Kaur

Navneet Kaur is the 2019 Cornell-Sathguru Foundation Fellow.

Navneet Kaur is a research fellow at the National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, India. Her expertise is in the area of plant molecular biology and metabolic engineering, specifically focused on provitamin A biofortification of banana.

Navneet has a master’s in biotechnology from Panjab University. She believes that healthy food is the fundamental right of every human being.

“As the world population is increasing, much more efforts are needed for a sustainable increase in agricultural production and quality,” she said. “Genetically-modified crops can prove to be a powerful complement to those produced through conventional approaches for meeting the worldwide demand for quality foods.”

Through the GLFP, she hopes to learn how the scientific community should carry out the agricultural outreach programs to farmers and the general public in order to make informed choices for building a democratic and knowledge-based society.