Our 2015 Global Fellows

Nassib Mugwanya

Mr. Nassib Mugwanya grew up in the Mukono district-East of Uganda’s capital Kampala. After gaining a first degree in agriculture from Makerere University in 2010, he worked as a volunteer extension worker with the area home sub county, training women farmer groups in integrated soil fertility management. In 2011, Nassib received a scholarship from University of California-Davis under the Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program to study for a masters’ degree in agricultural extension and education at Makerere University. At the same time, he worked as a research assistant on the Biosciences for Farming in Africa Project (B4FA), as well as assisting in teaching agricultural communication in the department of extension and innovation studies.

In August 2014, Nassib joined the Uganda Biosciences Information Center (UBIC) at the National Crops Resources Research Institute as an outreach officer. At UBIC, he is responsible for development, packaging, and dissemination of agricultural information to farmers’ associates, religious, and cultural leaders. Prior to joining UBIC, Nassib was also a freelance writer with Uganda’s leading independent daily, with a keen interest in modern agricultural biotechnology. Nassib continues to progress with his passion for communicating science in a way that empowers the ordinary farmer. He has actively participated in public debates, conferences, expos and workshops on topics such as climate change, food security, HIV/ AIDs, and agricultural biotechnology.