Our 2019 Global Fellows

Gisele Ndizeye

Gisele Ndizeye is a health communicator with over six years of experience in Rwanda. As a health communicator, Gisele has worked closely with rural women, girls and children focusing on food security and healthier lifestyles, with a special focus on tackling malnutrition and stunting problems, which still affect some 38 percent of children under the age of five in Rwanda.

Gisele also works for TV7 as a program debate journalist, where she holds policymakers, civil societies and non-governmental organizations accountable on the need to end stunting and malnutrition in her country. She also does fieldwork outreach, going to the countryside to visit women and girls and talk to them about their role in their development.

She views the GLFP as an opportunity to learn from both experienced fellows and mentors, particularly on how to communicate science stories in a language her will community understand, as well as improving her journalistic skills by reporting evidence-based stories.