Our 2019 Global Fellows

Atkia Waseka Rahman

Atkia Waseka Rahman is an assistant manager for communication and outreach at Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB). She completed her bachelor of business administration in marketing at East West University, Bangladesh. Her professional career began as a client servicing manager at Beatnik, a digital marketing agency, before she moved on to become a food and beverage marketing manager at Esquire Group.

Atkia has done a variety of volunteer work at various national and international organizations. At present, she is a senior vice president of the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB), as well as a founding member and advisor at Project Pothchola, a project assisting the children of sex workers in Bangladesh.

She believes that in order to shape the future with a sustainable and safer food chain, we need agricultural biotechnology and was motivated to join the GLFP to improve her skills in science communication.