Our 2019 Global Fellows

André Tomas Vilela Hermann

André Tomas Vilela Hermann is a Brazilian biochemical engineer currently working on developing the new concept of “Technorganic Production”.

In his college years, at the University of São Paulo, he was involved in many different activities, working as a volunteer in social and environmental projects related to organic production, as well as working in a biotechnology lab and founding the Synthetic Biology Club (CBSin- EEL), where he participated in iGEM Competition.

He’s worked for a startup called LOTAN Agrosciences, which is developing a new kind of topical pesticide based on RNA Interference (RNAi), focusing on the idea that silencing specific genes will enable control over specific agricultural pests without harming other naturally occurring organisms. In addition to the GLFP, he’s also been selected to take part in the Youth Ag Summit of 2019, representing young people around the world as a leader of tomorrow.