Ghana’s vanishing lands

By Joseph Opoku Gakpo

November 1, 2016

The problem of sea level rise has been persistent in many parts of coastal Ghana for decades. Various communities including my hometown Keta, in the Volta Region of Ghana have been devastated over the years as the sea takes over more land. I never really understood it. In February 2016, there was another major incident of sea surge that claimed several homes along the coast. The journalistic instinct in me told me there was a story there to be told about the suffering of the people, so I went to tell it. But there was a larger question that remained unanswered. What could be the cause of this problem that refuses to go away? So I set out to interview experts and researchers. That fact-finding journey resulted in the documentary, Climate Refugees which details how the rise in sea level as a result of climate change is destroying the lives of many in Ghana.