Science14 Letter

March 11, 2015

Stop the next ClimateGate: Stand with public sector scientists and show them your support against agenda driven bullying

photo of famous scientists with the text saying I stand with the Science14


It’s a tactic pulled straight from the climate change deniers’ playbook and now an anti-science, agenda-driven organization is using it to bully another group of scientists.

In early February, 14 senior scientists at four U.S. universities received requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) to turn over three years worth of e-mail correspondence with a handful of agricultural companies, trade groups, and PR firms.

We’ve seen this anti-science bullying tactic before in Climategate, where academic discussion was taken out of context to mislead the public.

These scientists need the support of allies like you to protect scientific freedom.

Please join the fight for academic freedom by signing our letter to support the scientists under attack and urge them to stand strong in the face of anti-science bullying. Read more…