Food Science Students Ask “Food Babe”: Show Us Evidence

March 5, 2015

In late January, six food science graduate students had heard enough from the Food Babe. Weary of hearing misinformation about food science and tired of watching attacks on their profession go unchallenged, the students published an open letter to Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe an Internet activist who has amassed a huge following by attacking what she perceives as threats to people s health from the foods they eat.

Hari, whose book The Food Babe Way is now an Amazon best-seller, frequently talks about the health dangers of GMOs. In the past two years, she has received growing media attention as an expert and consumer watchdog on food and health issues. In their public letter, posted on the site Science Meets Food, the six students asked Hari to provide support for many of her assertions. Hari responded, in detail, but did not necessarily provide any evidence. Last month, Sense about Science USA ran a fascinating interview with the students about why they wrote their letter, what they thought about Hari s response, and their thoughts on the way food issues are covered in the media.