‘All In’ for Biotech!

Attitudes toward biotechnology are changing. Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia are moving forward with Bt cotton. Tanzania, Uganda, and Mozambique completed successful field trials of insect-resistant and drought-tolerant maize, offering hope against the destructive fall armyworm.  Ghana is preparing to commercialize its first genetically modified crop — Bt cowpea. Smallholder farmers in Bangladesh have greatly reduced pesticide use and increased their incomes six-fold by growing Bt brinjal.

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Excitement is building around new technologies, like gene editing, which promise to benefit both farmers and consumers. Scientists and policy-makers worldwide are calling for rational, evidence-based regulations to guide agricultural biotechnology. Prominent individuals have displayed the courage to change their minds in support of innovation.

It’s been an amazing year. Let’s go all in on making sure the years to come are even better.

Join our 2019 “All In” campaign to raise $150,000 by Dec. 31.  Funds will be directed to a coordinated on-the-ground surge by our Global Leadership Fellows and other trained advocates. The goal aligns with our three-year “10M by 2020” initiative.

Let’s go All In in 2020 and help small-holder farmers and communities everywhere enjoy benefits from the same technologies that many parts of the world have already adopted.

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