Our Team

Joseph Maina

Kenya/Africa correspondent

Joseph Maina is a Kenyan journalist based in the verdant and agriculturally rich Nyandarua County. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and media studies from the University of Nairobi. For the past decade, Joseph has served as a professional correspondent for various print and digital publications in his native Kenya, as well as Rwanda and South Africa. He is passionate about news and feature writing, with a demonstrated aptitude in travel, environment, climate change, culture and human-interest journalism.

Joseph Maina has been published in Msafiri (Kenya Airways inflight magazine), Real Estate Investors Magazine (a South African real estate magazine), Daily Nation (Kenya’s largest circulation newspaper), The Standard (Kenya’s second-largest), Sawubona (South African Airways inflight magazine), Inzozi (Rwandair inflight magazine), financialday.com, The Star and PD newspapers of Kenya, Health Business magazine and Safari Njema, a road safety monthly magazine based in Nairobi.

Joseph has now concentrated his passion on science, agriculture and health journalism. His work appears in scienceafrica.co.ke, farmersreviewafrica.com, panafricanvisions.com, africabusiness.com and other pan-African publications.

Whenever he can spare a minute, this closet philosopher loves to indulge in hearty conversations in whatever company he can find, ideally over some good coffee or nyama choma, the grilled meat delicacy popular in his native Kenya.